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Orangeburg , SC
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Superintendent, Maintenance Facility, Line Worker Apprentice, Maintenance Mechanic

The Department of Public Utilities
Orangeburg, SC Full time
Posted on February 11, 2018

The Department of Public Utilities is seeking the following:


Responsible for the maintenance, repair, and upkeep of all equipment and vehicles owned and operated by DPU. Coordinate purchasing, provide technical instruction, work assignment, and supervise and assist DPU’s fleet maintenance staff with vehicles and equipment diagnostics troubleshooting and repair. QUALIFICATIONS: Ten years’ experience in related field or an equivalent combination of education, training, ASE Certifications, & experience related to vehicle maintenance. Working knowledge in welding, electrical systems, fiberglass repair, diesel engine repair, electronic components, hydraulics, pneumatics, etc.


Install, change, transfer, move and remove: poles, pole line hardware, guys, transformers, lightning arresters, streetlight equipment, energized conductors, insulators, conduit, capacitor bank controls and any and all forms of electrical material and accessories utilized in the construction, maintenance, and operation of electric circuits. QUALIFICATIONS: High School diploma, minimum one year experience line worker; excellent reporting and communication skills. Ability to work in physically demanding conditions and unfavorable weather conditions while handling dangerous equipment.


Performs necessary preventative and corrective maintenance on all Water Plant equipment, machinery pump stations and elevated tanks. Including electrical control panels, service, repair, calibration, lubrication, etc. QUALIFICATIONS: High school diploma, or GED, Minimum one year experience or related education in maintenance repair field. Experience working with electricity, pumps, & electronics.

All positions must reside in the Orangeburg area due to emergency call out and standby duty requirements, possess a valid SC Driver’s License or required CDL, able to work nights, holidays, weekends, and emergencies as needed.

Applications may be submitted through our web site, or at DPU, 1016 Russell Street, Orangeburg, SC through February 28, 2018. DPU is an equal opportunity employer.