Lake City , SC

Supply Chain Engineer

Lake City, SC Full-time
Posted on August 25, 2019
Supply Chain Engineer, Lake City, SC. MS-Industrial Engrg to integrate process plng & s/c configuratn w/DOE across operatnal functn for plant layout, material flow, & work utilizatn; perform queuing systm simulatn & routg/schedulg optimizatn for material flow / usage, mfg capability, invntry mgmt & logistic; rview productn schedu, work-force size, supply contract, & BOM for JIT method & S/C plan to meet delivry stds; analyz & apply EOQ, SPC, Linear Regrsn model & 6Sigma to enhance productivity, quality, reliablty & resolv operatnl issue; dsgn & build robust intermodal logistic network & dvlop distributn strategy to improv control of transportatn method; facilitate mfg automatn w/PLC systm; perform process data analys / simulatn model to identify, optimiz productn process & product acceptance criteria; review schedule, spec, BOM, EOQ, MRP, etc. to establish sequence of productn w/lean mfg method; conduct quality mgmt. systm for ISO 9001 conformance & OSHA guideline; establish demand f/cast & perform overall cost reductn of operatn w/variance analys. Must have knowledge/skills of PLC program, SPC, DOE, logistic network design, Monte Carlo simulation. Mail resume to Personnel, Nan Ya Plastics Corp., America, 140 E. Beulah Rd., Lake City, SC 29560