LTC Management, LLC

Columbia , SC


LTC Management, LLC
Columbia, SC Full-time
Posted on July 1, 2018

CONTROLLER Duties include Management, Transactions, Financial Reporting, Planning & Compliance. Ensure compliance w/ accounting policies & procedures; keep track of emerging issues, designing solutions & training ideas; motivate employees in accounting dept. Ensure all transactions for complete Financial Statements (FS) were recorded timely & accurately. Manage General Ledger & Chart of Accounts; review FS thoroughly; address issues w/accounting employees as any abnormalities in FS are detected & escalate them to CFO; ensure books are closed timely; generate & analyze Statement of Cash Flows; communicate cash flow forecasts to CFO; cooperate w/CPAs on audits; monitor efficiency of internal controls; assess accounting software & suggest improvement ideas; amend Accounting Policy to reflect any changes in U.S. GAAP. Analyze current accounting cycle to improve policies & procedures; reallocate work as needed. Ensure all tax filings are timely & compliance w/Accounting Policy; help VP in Taxation w/any tax projects & audits; prepare tax workpapers for CPAs; review tax returns prepared by CPAs; help w/applications for tax credits (Abandonment, Lost Development Easement, Rehabilitation & Apprenticeship credits); assess taxation of fringe benefits; ensure sales & use tax compliance as well as maintenance of business licenses & assist external CPAs w/ Form 5500 audits. Must have Master's degree in Accounting and 2 years of experience in the job offered or 2 years of experience in Accounting. Apply by resume to Edgar E. Trussell, LTC Management, LLC, 1624 Main Street, Columbia, SC 29201.