Heritage Landscape Services, Inc.

Lexington , SC

Landscaping & Groundskeeping Workers #760809

Heritage Landscape Services, Inc.
Lexington, SC Full time
Posted on December 24, 2017

Heritage Landscape Services, Inc. located at 141 Peachtree Street, Gilbert, SC 29054 in Lexington County, SC is seeking 20 Landscaping & Groundskeeping workers from 02-19-2018 to 12-19-2018. This is a Temporary full time position. 40 hours/week, 7am-4pm (varies). Duties include sod laying, mowing, trimming plants, planting shrubbery, watering plants, plant transplanting, cutting grass, fertilizing, digging, raking, sprinkler installation, & installation of mortarless segmental concrete masonry wall units. Workers may gather & remove litter, water lawns, trees, plants & prune or trim trees, shrubs or hedges, & operate powered equipment & vehicles. No education requirement. Three months experience in landscaping of commercial properties is required. Must have a valid driver's license. Must be able to lift 75lbs. Wage will be $11.74/hour. OT will be available as needed. OT rate of pay is at least $17.61/hour. No housing provided. No on the job training provided. Tools, equipment & daily transportation to worksite provided at no cost. Transportation (including meals &, to the extent necessary, lodging) to the place of employment will be provided, or its cost to workers reimbursed, if the worker completes half the employment period. Return transportation will be provided if the worker completes the employment period or is dismissed early by the employer.